The Best Financial Solution

Why Financial Metro

Ask yourself these questions:

· Behind in my mortgage payments?
· Interest rate too high?
· Bank manager telling me “NO”? (for More Money)
· Too many mortgages on my property
· My property is under Power of Sale?
· Am I behind in my house taxes or income taxes
· Self employed & discharged bankrupt?
We may have the answers!

· Consolidation of debts
· Refinancing of your existing mortgage(s)
· New home purchase with up to 95%
Financing (subject to Qualifications)

Residential · Commercial · Industrial
We charge no upfront fees, and we are willing to make house calls.

Additionally, mortgages are bought and sold, and we uphold competitive rates.

Private funds and equity financing with no income required are also available.
Reduce your monthly payment by consolidating your credit cards & finance company debts.