Regional News from Financial Metro

* Deadline to deliver disputed absentee ballots is Friday
* State may loosen mandates to help communities save
* Twin Cities brace for cuts
* Campaign '68
* A big year in politics

Klobuchar pushes high-tech stimulus package
U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar said today that Minnesota may benefit from a high-tech stimulus package being considered in Washington. Johndroe told reporters covering President George W. Bush in Texas that Bush had spoken early Monday with King Abdullah of Jordan, and had spoken on Saturday with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He also Bush had a detailed briefing by video conferencing with Vice President Dick Cheney, White House chief of staff Josh Bolten and national security adviser Stephen Hadley.
Meetings planned statewide to decide fate of rejected ballots
One week from Tuesday, in the nation's Capitol, the new class of Senators will be sworn into office. On that same day the Minnesota State Canvassing Board is hoping to wrap up the Minnesota Senate recount. That means it is unlikely their either Republican Senator Norm Coleman or Democrat challenger Al Franken will be taking the oath of office along with the other newly elected and re-elected Senators.
Israeli troops in Gaza

White House blames Hamas for new Mideast violence
The Bush administration called Monday for an end to the new flare up in Mideast violence, saying Hamas has "once again shown its true colors as a terrorist organization" with attacks on Israel. The spokesman declined to respond to questions about whether the United States believes Israel is ready to launch a ground attack on Gaza, but said the ultimate goal of Israelis is "for their people to be able to live in peace."