Introducing Our Creator To You

Financial Metro is a full service financial services firm serving clients throughout the Metro Detroit area as well as clients throughout the United States. Our main focus is building strong, service based relationships with our clients. We focus our efforts into designing sound, financial plans that are custom tailored to fit our clients' unique and individualized needs. Delivering "integrity based" financial planning solutions is our 1st priority.

Choosing a qualified and trustworthy financial planner could possibly be the most significant investment decision you will ever make in your lifetime. Therefore, we appreciate you taking the time to find the right financial planner(s) to help you achieve the dreams and goals you have worked so hard to attain. That is why we have put together an easy, enjoyable, and informative website to help you through this important decision making process.

What Is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is the process of taking control of your financial well-being by identifying your needs, goals, and objectives as well as formulating a plan of action to make sure you are successful at getting to where you want to be. Whether it be saving for retirement, buying a new home, funding a child's college education, or protecting the assets you already have, financial planning is an important step in all phases of life.

Through an interview process, the financial planner will usually ask you a series of questions relating to your financial well-being, while at the same time filling out a "fact finder" sheet. The "fact finder" sheet is how we uncover the most pertinent financial information needed for us to help you set financial goals, satisfy your needs, and design a plan for financial success.